Electronic In-Wall Timers

Electronic In-Wall Timers


The EJ351 Programmable Timer allows up to 48 ON/OFF events per day. Self learning functionality repeats first 24-hour ON/OFF pattern, and "Random" setting turns lights ON and OFF at slightly different times each day so as to not look programmed.

The EI200 Series Decorator Electronic Auto Shut-Off Timers provide silent operation in time ranges from 5 minutes to 12 hours.
Upgrade to digital with the EI400 Decorator Auto-Off In-Wall Timer Series. These timers provide flexibility, easy installation, and silent operation. The timers provide a to-the-second accuracy time range from 1 second to 24 hours.
The EI500 Series In-Wall Timers allow up to 14 ON/OFF events per week. The timer is Incandescent, Fluorescent, CFL and LED compatible.
When you desire versatility, bring in the heavyhitting EI600 Series Heavy-Duty Astro Timer. The EI600 features up to 40 ON/OFF programmed events per week and an automatic daylight saving time adjustment. It controls AC and DC up to 277V and has an astronomic feature which can be combined with specific ON/OFF programming. Convenient program capabilities are designed to suit any lighting schedule. All programs are securely stored in non-volatile memory and backed up by a CR2 lithium battery. The timer is compatible with single-pole and 3-way incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, and LED bulbs and requires no neutral wire. With robust performance and an abundance of features, the EI600 is the number one choice for in-wall timers.

The EJ500 Astro In-Wall Timer allows up to 14 ON/OFF events per week, with an astronomic feature that that automatically adjust to sunrise/sunset. The timer also features an auto daylight saving time adjustment, and is single-pole or 3-way compatible for ease of installation. The timer can replace any standard wall light switch.
ST01 with faceplate

The ALL NEW EJ600 Series In-Wall Timers combine the easy programming of the EJ500 with the more robust features of the ST01.  Adding the ability to control CFL and LED, this In-Wall Timer can handle all of your lighting configurations and scheduling needs.
ST01 with faceplate

The ST01 Series Heavy-Duty In-Wall Timers allow up to 40 ON/OFF events per week and allow astronomic feature to be combined with specific timed events.  These timers are incandescent, fluorescent, CFL and LED compatible, single-pole or 3-way compatible, and auto adjust to all voltages and frequencies for easy installation. All programs are stored in non-volatile memory and include a CR2 lithium battery that provides backup for 2+ years.

New Product Highlights


Intermatic’s electronic controls portfolio is growing. The thirty-six new models of the ET Basic+ Series meets the demands of today’s facilities with precise control, scheduling flexibility, simple installation, and less required maintenance.


The ET9500 Building Energy Management System Interface Box integrates the ET90000 Lighting Controller with your building’s automation or energy management system -- for a simplified, "integration-in-a-box" solution.


Power disturbances damage air conditioner compressors without warning. Let the Compressor Defender™ take the hit so air conditioners are never interrupted. The all-in-one Compressor Defender device protects compressors and circuit boards in residential and light commercial applications from brownouts, surges, and short cycles.