ET90000 Series


The ET90000 365-Day Astronomic Time Switch injects a powerful presence into the energy controls market with eyebrow-raising memory that accommodates up to 4,000 events, plus holiday and exception programming.

A convenient USB connection and Ethernet capabilities enable in-field schedule updates and firmware upgrades to be installed in one central location. The intuitive time switch automatically detects and adjusts voltage between 120 and 277 VAC, at 50 or 60 Hz to eliminate manual voltage adjustments during installation. 

The ET90000 meets the demanding needs of most facility schedules with availability in 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 16-circuit configurations. It can also be used with external devices, such as wall switches and occupancy sensors, to manually turn on and time off. 


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New Firmware and PC App Update now available, click here to download the latest updates

General Product Details:

  • 365-day astronomic timing
  • Automatic input voltage selection from 120 to 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Over 4,000 events plus holiday schedules
  • 30 Amp rated contacts
  • 100+ hour supercapacitor maintains date and time in case of power outage
  • USB connection for uploading, downloading and transferring of programs
  • Ethernet capable for networking of controls to other controls and PC tools
  • Easy to follow on-screen menus for programming to-the-minute accuracy
  • Non-volatile memory protects programming indefinitely
  • Firmware upgradable in-field via USB or Ethernet
  • CAN connection supports up to 32 additional circuits or inputs externally
  • Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 16 circuits
  • Internally expandable in 4-circuit increments up to 16 circuits

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Product Ratings
CA Title 20 Listed
ModelCircuitsSwitchVolts ACRatingEnclosureEthernetShipping Wt
PC App-------
ET90115C1SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 1 SteelNot Included3.6 lbs (1.6kg)
ET90115CE1SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 1 SteelIncluded3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
ET90115CR1SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelNot included4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg)
ET90115CRE1SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelIncluded4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
ET90215C2SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 1 SteelNot Included3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)
ET90215CE2SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 1 SteelIncluded3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)
ET90215CR2SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelNot Included4.3 lbs. (2.0 kg)
ET90215CRE2SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelIncluded4.3 lbs. (2.0 kg)
ET90415CR4SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelIncluded20.2 lbs. (9.2 kg)
ET90815CR8SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelIncluded20.6 lbs (9.3 kg)
ET91215CR12SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelIncluded21.0 lbs. (9.5 kg)
ET91615CR16SPDT120-27730 AmpsType 3R SteelIncluded21.4 lbs. (9.7 kg)

NOTE: USB devices need to be less than 4 GB, formatted to FAT32

Enclosure: Standard - Type 1 Gray Painted Steel; R-Option - Type 3R Painted Steel

Switch Rating: General Purpose and Resistive: 30 Amps (NO Only) @ 12-240 VAC; General Purpose and Resistive: 20 Amps (NO), 10 Amps (NC) @ 12-240 VAC; General Purpose and Resistive: 20 Amps (NO), 10 Amps (NC) @ 28 VDC; Ballast: 20 Amps (NO), 3 Amps (NC) @ 120-277 VAC; Tungsten: 5 Amps (NO Only) @ 12-240 VAC; Motor: 1 HP (NO); ¼ HP (NC) @ 120 VAC; Motor: 2 HP (NO) ; ½ HP (NC) @ 240 VAC; Pilot Duty: 470 VA (NO), 275 VA (NC) @ 12-240 VAC

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Wiring Terminals: #20 to #6 AWG wire

USB devices need to be less than 4 GB, formatted to FAT32

  • PC App

PC App

The ET9100 Replacement Door Assembly includes a display, keypad, Ethernet, and remote override connections. The door assembly can be replaced without installing a new panel or rewiring any circuits. The replacement door is for use with the ET90415CR, ET90815CR, ET91215CR, and ET91615CR.
Extend the versatility of the ET90000 series with remote control over Ethernet. This module can be used as an upgrade or replacement part to enable ET90000 series controllers to be configured, monitored, and controlled remotely with software for the PC. Works with all ET90000 models.
The ET9250 Relay Module can be used as a replacement part or for upgrading the number of circuits in the ET90000 controller. The relay module comes in 4-circuit packs for upgrading to a maximum of 16 circuits. Each
module includes four SPDT 30 Amp relays, to be used with ET90415CR, ET90815CR, ET91215CR, and ET91615CR.
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Reduce Maintenance, Improve Lighting with ET90000 Exterior Lighting Controls
Several improvements were made to optimize scheduling and performance related to specific controlled loads.  This update is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

If you are using the PC App, in order to utilize Firmware Version 3.25.0, you must first download PC App Version and install on your PC.

*** Prior to download, make sure current version of PC App is closed

Firmware Update Instructions

For quick instructions on copying schedules to a USB memory stick or recovering schedule information from a USB memory stick, click the applicable link below:

Copying Files to USB Memory Stick

Restoring Schedules From USB Memory Stick

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If you cannot support the file type above click here to view on IntermaticTV
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If you cannot support the file type above click here to view on IntermaticTV

New Product Highlights


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Talento882 angle

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Armed with independent 2-circuit control, LightMaster gives YOU the power to illuminate your facility based on the amount of natural light in an area. LightMaster turns lighting ON in dark areas and OFF in naturally-lit areas and reduces energy costs by up to 50%.