The ET70000 Next Generation Electronic Astronomic Time Switches are great for schools, offices, airports, stores, hotels, restaurants, factories, parks, apartments and much more. With up to 4,000 programmable events. This switch can tackle any demanding schedule.

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  • To-the-minute programming for 7-day or full year load control
  • Includes 7-day repeat feature for simplifying programming of identical set points
  • 12/24 Hour clock format
  • 1,000 + ON/OFF events, 99 holiday schedules
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment (Factory Enabled)
  • Flexible load control is enhanced by Astro, Variable Pulse, and Interval options as required for outdoor lighting control, bell ringing, and after hour temporary override, respectively
  • Non-volatile memory maintains all programmed switching times for the life of the time switch
  • Manual override: Program can be overridden at any time by placing the load switch in the Disable position and pressing the ON/OFF button
Product Ratings
Circuits: 2
Clock Voltage: 120, 208 , 240, 277 VAC
Enclosure: NEMA 3R
Next Generation PC Software installation file. Ideal for most users, this installation contains only the software used to connect the PC to the Next Generation time switch.
Next Generation PC Software and supporting applications installation file. Intended for users that have difficulty installing from the regular file, this version includes all prerequisite applications to ensure proper support on the PC.

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