Grässlin By Intermatic

Grasslin St. Georgen


Acquired in 2007, Grässlin has become a global extension of Intermatic. 

Grässlin features a robust line of products in the area of time switch technology and light and temperature control.  It strives to develop practical-oriented, market-driven solutions together with professional support to meet the demands of its customers.

The European Company is headquartered in the historic Black Forest city of St. Georgen, Germany, where it manufactures its world-renowned products. With engineering and marketing offices in St. Georgen, and sales satellites around the globe, Grässlin serves over 50 countries with an export level over 80%.

Today, Grässlin plays a vital role in helping Intermatic become a global leader in energy management solutions.



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Grasslin GmbH
Bundesstr 36
78112 St. Georgen
Phone:  +49 7724 933 0
Fax:      +49 7724 933-240

New Product Highlights


Power disturbances damage air conditioner compressors without warning. Let the Compressor Defender™ take the hit so air conditioners are never interrupted. The all-in-one Compressor Defender device protects compressors and circuit boards in residential and light commercial applications from brownouts, surges, and short cycles.

Talento882 angle

The Talento882 Pro Series 365-Day Astronomic Time Switch is taking DIN Rail timers to a new level of ingenuity. The UL recognized Talento882 features intelligent scheduling that enables a flexible combination of Astronomic and Timed events. Count on the Talento’s cumulative load monitoring hour counter and service indicator to help you avoid costly service interruptions. Need even more control? Install the Talento882 in an enclosure with a 100-amp contact and you instantly have a building automation control with a small footprint. 


Armed with independent 2-circuit control, LightMaster gives YOU the power to illuminate your facility based on the amount of natural light in an area. LightMaster turns lighting ON in dark areas and OFF in naturally-lit areas and reduces energy costs by up to 50%.